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Penny for your thoughts?

The story behind The Siegfried Contingency unfolded over several years. Many have asked me from where I thought up the tale and how long it took me to write it. This blog post will serve to answer those queries and accommodate a space for others to comment.

Throughout history, there have been countless genocides, some unknown to man. The circumstances leading to such monstrosities are unique. The rise of the Nazi party with respect to the events incited by them in the midst of World War II is the most recent case of familiar notoriety encompassing a barbarity unprecedented until that point in history. Even though Germany lost the war—many scholars' explications concurring that such an outcome of fate was inevitable—that didn't stop other historians, writers, conspiracy theorists, et cetera, from concocting alternate narratives existing in parallel universes. With that said, I am not a pioneer in creating a narrative disparate from the actual chronology. The neoteric idea that the 1970s-plot builds upon, however, is my own invention from which gave way to the composition of an entire novel.

For some, the hypothesis of twin-brothers in lieu of just one sole culprit is fascinating, and for others it's a notion unworthy of any further thought [the identities of the twins mentioned are revealed in the book]. In any case, the goal of such an unthinkable hypothesis was always aimed toward literary entertainment. Perhaps this published work, hot off the press, will spark new speculations for conspiracy theorists to obsess over. Or this chronicle could stay in a dark room and simply entertain those few who chance on an exciting thriller. Come what may, I would be satisfied even if all I kindled was a not-so-bad way to pass time from an oeuvre I whipped up and polished for others' enjoyment.

The additional reason for creating this blog was to provide a platform where readers of the book can converse, leave commentary, and ask questions. I invite anyone and everyone to express their thoughts below.

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Jan 09, 2019

Steven's book surpassed y expectations. Simply stated, I could not put it down. I wondered what was coming next and how the adventure would play out. Id recommend and in the near future actuall re-read this fine novel

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